ABC Certification

ABC Guarantee

ABC Guarantee

ABC Guarantee ensures all the banknote which were encapsulated to be genuine and the grade or any annotations bear on the certificate representing the conditions of your collections.

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Sheldon’s 70 Points Grading Scale

Sheldon’s 70 points grading scales is a numismatic grading scale which is a qualitative, standardised and scientific measurement to reflect the perfection or defects on coins or banknotes. It was developed by Dr. William Herbert Sheldon who was an American psychologist and numismatist during the late 40’s.

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ABC Banknote Grading Scale

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About ABC

  • ABC Certification is a Hong Kong based, fully independent professional numismatic grading company which were founded in 2018 by a group of experienced numismatics collectors. ABC aims on providing an impartial, accurate and consistent numismatic grading service to collectors.
  • From the collector’s point of view, ABC understands conflicts easily occur when sellers overstated or over-graded their banknotes, not to mention some banknotes may be ingenuine or altered. At ABC, here are a wide range of consultants who expertise in vintage and modern world banknote especially in Renminbi, Hong Kong dollars and other Asian’s banknotes. All the notes that were graded by ABC are supported by the ABC guarantee of grading and authenticity, which provides collectors higher confidence and better storage environment to their precious collections. ABC graded banknote enables collectors to have less conflicts during trading, high liquidity and higher price realisations.
  • Your collections will be encapsulated in the finest-quality with inert materials allowing desirable long-term storage condition but not compromising the visibility of the banknote. Besides, the folders are completely sealed to prevent any environmental damages or contaminants. Our state-of-the-art design of the folders and certificates have incorporated various security features which can effectively deterrent of counterfeiting and tampering.

Online Resouces

Collectors are able to enjoy complimentary access to the online resources such as ABC population report, banknote show room, latest updates on the world’s numismatic news and ABC certification checking system. In order to verify the authenticity of an ABC graded banknote, collectors can access the certification system conveniently by scanning the QR code on the certificate by smart phones or manually entering certification number in the ABC’s website.

Where to GRADE

  • RM336, 3/F, Hon Mong Kok Shopping Center,173 Portland Street, Mong Kok, Hong Kong

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