ABC Banknote Grading Scale

ABC Banknote Grading Scale

 70 EPQ
 Seventy GEM UNC

The highest grade to be assigned to a banknote.

Printing, margins and registration appeared to be perfectly printed and centered to the unaided eye. Notes must have no evidence of handling visible
 69 EPQ
 Superb GEM UNC

Notes in this grade is nearly visually indistinguishable to a 70EPQ banknotes but the printing, margins and registration might be slightly off-centered

No evidence of handling to unaided eye.
 68 EPQ
 Superb GEM UNC

Printing, margins and registration appeared to be slightly off-centered.

Evidence of very minor handling
 67 EPQ
 Superb GEM UNC

Notes achieved above-average margin and registration

Evidence of minor handling
66 EPQ
GEM Uncirculated

Notes achieved above-average margin and registration

May bear more handling than a note with 67 EPQ grade

 65 EPQ

 GEM Uncirculated

Margin and registration are still above average

Notes may bear 1 or 2 minor distractions which is a result of handling
64 EPQ
Choice Uncirculated

Centering is off on 1 or 2 sides.

Handling may be evident but definitely no folds on the banknote

Choice Uncirculated
The centering is imperfect and the design may be flat. There may be several flaws but there will be no folds.



The note is strictly uncirculated but may have minor-to-moderate handling and/or corner tip issues. There will be no folds, however. The margins may touch or come into the design.



The note is poorly centered and the margins come into the design. There may be counting marks, smudges or other signs of handling. There will be no folds through the design.



A note with problems that may include toned paper, a small stain or fading. There will be handling issues but there will be no folds through the design.
Choice About UNC
Banknote with a single fold that cross the design
About Uncirculated
Banknote with one-fold or 2 to 3 corner folds through the design
About Uncirculated

Banknote bears 2 vertical folds or a single horizontal fold.

Note may bear signs of handling

About Uncirculated
Banknote has two heavier vertical folds or a light horizontal and vertical folds. Handling is significant
Choice Extremely Fine
Banknote with 2 to 3 heavy folds, one of each may be horizontal
Extremely Fine
Banknote bear 3 or more folds, one of each may be horizontal
Choice Very Fine
Banknote bear 4 to 7 light folds
Very Fine
Banknote was slightly circulated with 7 to 10 folds
Very Fine

Banknote is in similar condition as a 30 while it bear more folds.

Circulation is evident

Very Fine

Banknote bear numerous folds; mild soiling and it was moderately circulated.

There are no serious detractions but it may contain minor defects

Choice Fine
Banknote is well circulated. Close examination may find too many folds and it may contain minor defects

Banknote is well circulated. Note in this grade may have rounded corners, margin splits and other issues.

The note must be whole with solid paper
Very Good
Banknote with lots of circulation which contains a number of minor problems

ABC Banknote Designation and Definition


An Exceptional Paper Quality (EPQ) note is, in the opinions of ABC graders, the banknotes are completely original and without any human manipulations of its’ original appearance. This represents the banknote has not been physically, chemically, or materially processed to enhance the appearance of a higher grade.

Banknote graded 25 and higher will be evaluate for EPQ designation

Banknote has to achieve EPQ grade in order to obtain 65 or higher gradings.

The NET designation indicates a banknote that have problems are more severe than that can be reflected by the note’s assigned numeric grade. The aforementioned problems will be listed on the certificate.

Notes with NET designation are guaranteed to be genuine only while the grade portion of the ABC Guarantee does not apply to Notes given a NET designation by ABC.
Minor disturbances in the paper other than folds such as teller counting marks, crinkles and minor bends.
The alignment of the face and back printing